Tuesday, June 17, 2014

May 2014

Warning: Pic heavy post, as I've not updated in forever. ^_~

Penny continues to grow, and eat, and eat and eat..funny enough, at her 2 year old check-up, the pediatrician says she's at 1% in terms of weight (which means she is heavier than 1 out of 100 babies that are her age and gender), and about 6-7% in terms of height. SHE IS SO LITTLE! Hee hee. But it's not cuz we don't feed her, nor that she doesn't eat, hee hee hee...She's a petite little one, and that might be why I carry her so much more than I did Aiva. She still fits 18 month clothing, and 2 year old pants will fall off of her, LOL.
At the start of May, Aiva and I went to Ashley's Baby Sprinkle for Nolan - Ashley has such nice family and friends! And Aiva ate way too much chocolate and was a crazy dinosaur the whole time, who knocked out 2 minutes into the car ride home. LOL. All of us also went to Mindy and Neil's Baby Shower for Kyle at Saladang Song down in Old Town Pasadena (which I miss, by the way. Used to go there quite a bit in my younger, carefree days, but anyways!). The Thai restaurant was really fancy, but it was even better getting to see friends and hang out a bit with Melody (even if I didn't get to sit next to her because of Penny's demands!) and Connie and Perry and Mindy and Neil. =D

Aiva and Valerie, who both love Elsa from Frozen (what little girl doesn't? She has blown all the other Disney Princesses out of the water, it seems...goodbye Ariel and Jasmine and Belle...!) continue to be great friends at church, hee hee...it's neat seeing them grow together, how the kids of our friends are friends too, you know? =) With the way the world is nowadays - everyone moving here or there, it's rare that friends stay in the same area after college. 
video video

Kurt graduated from OTIS, though we couldn't make it to his graduation. I'm so proud of him! And to think that I met him so long ago as a little 13 year old boy, in our small group, and have seen him grow up to be such a wonderful young man, talented, God-fearing and loving to those around him. I can't be prouder! *puffs chest out like a proud peacock*

I got a little Mother's Day Date at Luna, one of our favorite little spots in town. =) One of the extra benefits of living with our in-laws is that after we get the girls to bed, they will be at home in case anything happens. We don't leave them with any work other than making sure things are okay at home, and yet we are free to go out a bit! So this past month and some, we've got to head out to either run errands, take a little date or two, and even watch some movies! (Maleficent, Captain America...you know, all those important movies that will change your life and all? ^_~)

One of the highlights of the month? AIVA CUT HER OWN HAIR. OMG. She had such long hair, thick and beautiful, and I had been giving her much-requested "Elsa Braid" at least twice a week, so I think I'm more heartbroken than she is, hahahaha...Grandma had told us on the phone one day that when we come home, there was a surprise for us, though she didn't say what. As it turns out, she was with Grandpa in his room, BUT HE FELL ASLEEP. And she grabbed these scissors and started cutting her hair...into a shaggy, super uneven mullet, LOL. Leaving hair all over their bedroom. Now, it's a super short pixie/boy cut. Sigh. As my friend Melody says, it's a rite of passage of growing up...

I love our new little place as well - they have community events, like community garage sales, "popsicles by the pool", Cinco de Mayo events for adults, and the annual faire where free watermelon is given out all day, and all the food is only 50cents (hot dogs and chips, cotton candy, drinks, etc).  Community vendors gave away freebies, and there were pony rides, a petting zoo, lots of inflatable bouncers and slides, and even a station for kids to decorate clay pots, choose a flower to put inside, and take home! Aiva got her first pony ride; Penny was too little, but she ran after the pony for a bit, crying for a turn too, hee hee. We've also been using the community pool (3 pools! A wading and play area for little ones, and 2 larger ones) alot, and are starting to get to know our neighbors. Though I miss my old neighbors - Cara and Jenn and Jeff's family? They are the best!

At work, things started getting a little less hectic, with CSTs over at the start of the month, followed by nonstop, awesome projects for the rest of the year. I got to immerse my HBA kids fully into Forensic Sciences, with fun labs where they had to figure out the culprit based on lipstick prints, fingerprints, and even analyzing their handwritings, as well as playing detective for a murder, and creating crime scenes out in little skits. My regular science classes had fun with our Annual Egg Drop Eggstravaganza, and built Newton Scooters, using all the knowledge they've learned this year in Physics. Super fun. I wish my own 8th grade experience was like that, but it wasn't, so I'm glad I could make them learn and have fun with it at the same time. ^_~

Ah. My loves. ^_^ And the Penelobeast, who only loves to eat the Lotus Leaf wrapped Sticky Rice at Dim Sum...


And more random pictures from May:

Aiva on the Porch Swing :)

Penny starting at the big kids playing outside our house.

Aiva with Ms. Christine, her teacher since she started at FCCNS.
Vanessa and I at Lift Coffee Roasters. Which we wanted to try due to the hype. But it's just coffee, and neither of us are coffee drinkers...>_<


NOLA said...

Adorable!! Y'all have the cutest kids!!

Another friend of mine has a child Penelope's age with the same petiteness - the doctor was giving her a really hard time. "If she wants food, give it to her. Things like cheese ..." "Do we look like a cheese-denying household?!" she exclaimed. Sometimes our ideas of norms are more problematic than helpful.

Gummy said...

Hahahahah, yes! We call her Penelobeast for a reason. She eats like a beast, and takes after her momma and poppa, right? ^_~