Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Interview With Aiva

Aiva's 2 Month Interview
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Now that she's older and able to converse with us (sorta...ha ha...), here is an exclusive interview with Aiva!

In case you can't understand what she's saying fully, some of responses include:

"Well, I still love staring at the window blinds. Especially when the sunlight hits it at an angle!"

"Wha...? I'm 2 months old now?"

"Eating. And sleeping. I like those two things the best."

Heh heh...besides goofing around though, I've really been productive today, in terms of things to do on the computer anyway. The Six Flags stuff is all done and ready for the copy machines at Sierra, after making a few phone calls to Six Flags because they changed and then unchanged competitions for our field trip, and I'm ready to start the flyers for our Star Party soon.

Hmm...time to start updating old lesson plans for Astronomy, the unit we'll be hitting up when I return. I hope to get a lot done before I return (in a month!) to teaching, so that there will be less to deal with then, and I'll have more time for the people at home. =) And maybe more sleep - that might be a bonus though...O_o


NOLA said...

She's so cute!!

Stacy K. said...

She wants to talk! She's trying! What a cutie!!!!

wenwen said...

wow, Aiva is sooooo cute, Gail!!! I'm so lucky to have such an adorable and smart niece :)

Gummy said...

Thank you! =)

Agh! I just realized all three of you haven't met her yet, hee hee...she must meet you! You're all VIPs! ^_^