Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cara, the Mord-Sith

Undeniably, Cara's my favorite character from the show, hee hee...I almost - no wait, I DID! - tear up in the episode, Hunger, because her character has developed so much this past season, and she was making choices to do what is right, even if it would cost her.

Above is a picture from the most recent episode, where she had to pretend to be a princess...which is way too funny because it's completely against her butt-kicking, killer instinct personality that I love! She's a woman that won't let no one tell her what to do, muah ha ha!

Legend of the Seeker
just gets better and better. =) Although I'm not down with Richard's extra-rugged looks this season, I do like how they've developed all the characters so well.

By the way, she's played by Australian actress Tabrett Bethell. What a pretty name, huh?

It's different from the books, keep that in mind. But as a series for itself on TV, I'm pretty happy with it, even if you might think it's nerdy. =) I am something of a nerd, after all. ^_~

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