Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Pirate';s Life

Maribell came as one of the chaperones on the trip!
I've slacked so much on blogging the past few years. This thing called REAL LIFE totally got in the way. ^_~  I can't believe I've been blogging since...well, 18! Back when computers were first publicly connected to the internet, and when I had to figure out how to use HTML to start my own little blogs and webpages. The internet has definitely changed all of our lives, but sometimes, I don't think it has necessarily changed us that much more for the better. With us being able to simply google everything, that journey to search for understanding - and as Ralph Waldo Emerson so wisely puts it, "Life is a journey, not a destination" - is basically lost. Scientists in the past studied and made observations of natural  phenomena for years, and had to be creative and at the same time, logical, so that they can make sense of our world. Nowadays, the majority of us, me included, simply can search online for an answer, and our brains are no longer forced to create and understand things deeply.

I used to remember phone numbers and birthdays like the back of my hand. But after having a cell phone, I'm horrible at it. My brain no longer needs to think and recall information to use it, as it can depend on having my cell phone around for me to swipe for the answers...and that's probably not so good for my brain.

We don't even talk much nowadays - even though calling someone on your phone is at many times free, we choose to text instead, which uses data, which then raises our phone bill. When it wouldn't have cost a thing to call someone and speak to them and build that relationship more.

Does it mean all is lost, and we are doomed to be in misery with mushy, useless brains? Definitely not. It just means we have to push harder to use our brains. That definitely applies to me as a teacher who is responsible in educating some of the public, but at the same time, for me personally, it means I need to use my brain more. It means I need to make myself put down that cell phone and hang out with important people in my life. It means I need to not only search for an answer, but then start thinking of the whys, and how it connects to different aspects of my life, and what I will do with what I know now.

Anyways, how does this relate to the Pirate's Life in the title of this post? LOL. Not too much. But going to Catalina, and not using my phone for several days, and seeing my students not get stuck on their phones for several days, reminded me of how much more functional we can be when we put down the phone. WE DID SO MUCH. Without cell phones in hand. At the start of our trip, one student had ear phones on her ears, but her phone wasn't even on to listen to music! She was comfortable just having them plugged in. And that's kinda scary - we're not robots. We're humans, social creatures who yearn others to belong with and be a part of. Social media is fun, and can even be useful, but it's not the meaningful, social world that we desperately need.

On the side, the Catalina trip was a blast! This year, the students in charge of each crew took leadership and did a fantastic job leading their crews in various activities, and many braved climbing the lines of the boat to get to the bowsprit and jumping off into the 90 feet deep ocean that our tall ship sailboat sat upon off the coast of Catalina. Living in such close quarters allowed for all of us to get to know each other better, and to appreciate the time spent with others as we all bonded over amazing adventures that nature had in store for us! We saw dolphins everywhere this year, and a pod even swam in the wake of our sailboat as we sailed at a tedious pace  of 4-5 knots (which is 4-5 nautical miles per hour, which is basically 4-5 miles per hour). Up close, we saw sea lions, little crabs, weird swimming earth worms, and continued learning about marine biology by kayaking out near caves, snorkeling to find lots of orange Garibaldi (our state's fish) and other fish, sea urchin, abalone, and learning about marine life through dissection (mackeral and squid) and discussion.The students did daily chores, such as raising the sails, hosing down and swabbing the decks, shining the brass, cleaning the hull and heads (toilets), as well as their own galley gear after each meal. Students learned to navigate and actually steer the boat manually with the captain's wheel and marine compass. We hiked the island and learned about plate tectonics and how the island was formed, as well as some botany and biology of how various living things could grow on the island. We picnicked on the beach, we created awesome skits (my students decided they had to teach me how to whip with the Little Einstein's song. And we had way too much meaningful fun and learning overall. It is too bad I could only take 30 students!

But we could have never gone on this trip without the generous donation by two very generous and kind sponsors! I seriously didn't expect to be chosen again, as last year, we were the FIRST public school ever to have been sponsored for such a trip. We were told we were their favorite group of students last year, so they were looking forward to having us again this year! I wonder if this will keep up? =)

Like last year, many of the students and adult chaperones got seasick at first. I don't get sea sick. In fact, I quite love the rolling ocean waves, and the front of the boat, like Luffy, is my favorite spot. So maybe I have sea legs. And I LOVE the ocean. Don't like swimming pools too much, and the beach is just alright. But the ocean is different - majestic, deep, and seriously magical. I think I must have been a pirate in another life.

Yo ho, yo ho....^_~

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Update: June 2015

It's been such a crazy few months - at home, Shelton's father passed away on March 18. He is now singing praises and celebrating in the company of our God, one of his favorite things to do while he was here on Earth. We are grateful for the time he spent with us, and he spent almost exactly a year living with us, in which there were lots of doctor visits, but also lots of joy, as evidenced in his pictures. His digital camera shows his last year of life, as he didn't erase any pictures and they were full of everybody's birthday, friends who visited from far away, and good times. 

There are more things I want to say, but will keep them private for now (all good things, mostly reflective). 

Meanwhile, as the school year ends, I have to admit this group of students has really been one of my ultimate favorites. They're just amazing, and bring me joy everyday in the classroom! I really am not supposed to have favorites, but it can't be helped. There's this one that makes me laugh every day, and not just is he crazy smart, hard working, athletic, and witty, he also has a deep creativity and imagination that I don't see in many others. There are lots of others that have high marks and grades, and he is one of them, but it's his creativity and way with putting it together with reality that makes him special, and I have no doubt that he will do amazing things one day in the future! I wish I could follow him and all my other students and see how their futures turn out to be like!

And then there are those that are failing academically but are great and wonderful people with kind hearts who take care of their families and siblings because they simply have to due to family circumstances, or those that go through abuse at home and yet come to school and treat others better than they are treated. There are those that are awesome soccer players, top jujitsu fighters outside of school, awesome rap artists, fashionistas, cooks and bakers, writers and artists, those that come in with a smile every day, that are eager to share good news and bad news with me. It's individuals like these that affirm how much I love teaching! Although I had started out in college wanting to be a doctor, I'm so glad I took a different path to become someone who makes a difference in others - what better way to do so than to directly work with a group of students day in and day out, to find ways that allow them to learn in the best way possible? It's no easy task. Just ask any good teacher. But it is worthwhile because that is how we make that positive difference in their lives. 

They have such bright futures ahead for them, and my heart hopes the best for them. I found a little thing I wrote the first day of this school year. Thought I should share it here...

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sayonara, 2014!

It's been too long since I've posted, and this thing called LIFE keeps getting in the way of blogging, hee hee. =)

So what's been going on with this LIFE thing?

- Being blessed with a big home, we've been able to share it by opening it up to dinner parties, fellowship, friends, and all sorts of things. Hooray! We even had the annual Lau Christmas party at our house this year, which was way too much fun. I'm so blessed by wonderful relatives, seriously. =)

- I've ran more, and I fit clothes that I used to fit pre-Aiva. WOAH. =) No, I'm not anywhere near marathon ready, and that isn't even a goal in any way, but maybe a half marathon. One day.

- Calligraphy workshops! It might be a regular thing - there's been 2 so far, and it's been fun teaching others to learn this skill that I've had since middle school. With technology all over the place, the whole sitting-down-and-writing-by-hand is something that we shouldn't lose, so it's nice that it's appreciated.

- I've learned to can and make my favorite jam that Cara used to make me - Spiced Caramel Pear Jam. Only I'm still perfecting it, and, and my last batch still came out too liquidy (but the previous batch before that was PERFECT, so idk what I did...). Other favorite things made in the kitchen this past year includes Vanilla Bean Scones. Like the ones from Starbucks, but better - more moist and fresh. =) And Curry Beef Pies. And Redneck Caviar. And Rugelach. And fresh Watermelon Juice with some Lime squeezed in.

- My girls are SO BIG now! Aiva will be 5 in 10 days (we're throwing her a Frozen party, of course! LOL), and Penny will be 3 in April (though she still wears 18 months pants. She's tiny.). They're both so beautiful, smart, caring, and wonderful. I'm so blessed! Aiva had her first Ballet Recital (the Nutcracker) for her class, and she did the best she could, and loved twirling in her sparkly tutu.

- Babies, babies, everywhere! They're either getting bigger, or new ones are appearing - my new nephew Micah, Noah will be 3 at the end of January, and we went to Connie and Perry's 1st birthday party for Dylan this summer. Baby Zoe, Sara, and Mia are getting big and beautiful, Deborah's about a month old, Bradley looks JUST LIKE CHERYL and Madeline will be here in a few months. Kyle though - he's probably the cutest baby I've ever seen and met. His smiling face and round little self is irresistible.

- With Shelton's parents living with us now, we've been able to go out at night more than usual, so we've taken advantage of the opportunities to watch a few musicals - Once, Jersey Boys, and Pippin - eat out with friends and go out on a few dates even. Fun fun! =) (Thanks Mah-Mah!)

- Shelton's dad's cancer is progressing along, which is not a good thing. See, the tumor was growing around a blood vessel in his pancreas, so it couldn't be removed surgically, plus he's older, and surgery can be risky at this age. So the past month and some, we've had quite a few complications that either were related to the cancer, or not, where we had to call the paramedics for help. It's a long story, and you can ask in person; I'd rather not go into detail on here. But prayers and good thoughts are appreciated. =)

- There's been so many changes at work too! Rochelle's up in the DO now, Sandra's going to the high school, Jeffrie has retired, and others have moved here or there. But friends always remain friends. =)

- And crafting! Besides the calligraphy workshops, I've also made a few wreaths this year - all from Dollar Tree flowers, and I don't know what obsessed me to start, but it's fun! Shelton got me some Copic markers for Christmas, so I'm learning to play with those. And I've not made as many cards since summer ended, but plan to get back to it soon enough.

Aaaaaaand I'm sure there's more, but the sun is coming up on a new year, and the kids will be up soon (I'm up because I'm sick. I know, no fun. And couldn't go back to sleep after I got up around 4am, so I came downstairs to grade projects, LOL).

Helloooooooooooooo, 2015! ^_^

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

FroYo Reward

Because she was the only one that got two stickers in her Ballet class, due to following instructions right away! (it's rare. Every student gets one at the end of class; I've never seen a student NOT get one. But TWO? Ooo la la. ^_^)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Kurt Chang

Kurt! What can I say about this guy? I've known him since he was a little middle schooler, quite possibly shorter than I am, and now, he's graduated from OTIS, and official artist, starting out to live a life and career that utilizes his passion in art.

He's done some amazing things - check them out at his blog: http://www.kurtchangart.blogspot.com/

Kurt made this sketch of the girls based on a picture I posted; of course, I've commissioned him now to make a finalized version of it - I want it on a giant canvas to hang between the girls' room. ^_^ It is ADORABLE.  And yes, he can do art for you. Contact him. Do it. Tell him you know me. =)

He came over for dinner and to catch up with us, and of course, to see Aiva and Penelope, whom he's known since they were born. "Uncle Kurt" gave Aiva a few drawing tips, and drew some of their favorite characters for them in a quick 5 minutes. The pictures are up in the girls' rooms! =D

Happy Birthday Shelton! =)

Another year older. ^_^

Friday, August 15, 2014

Excavating Nature

Presenting their findings of mini pinecones, leaves, rocks and other random stuff to add into the fairy garden...


Watermelon Juice

Watermelon Juice is SO easy to make, and so refreshing!

It's easy. Get a watermelon - make sure it's ripe, or give it time to ripe.

Get the juice out of it, and use a sieve or mesh to remove any pulp there might be there. You can do this manually, or use a juicer (my in-law has a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer which expedites the whole process SO MUCH FASTER. I used to do this by hand. Took forever, and got less juice than with a juicer) to get all the juice out.

For each watermelon you juice, you'll need the juice from 1-2 limes, depending on how you like it to taste.

That's it. And it is Penny-safe. =)

You'll need to shake/tip the juice if you leave it in the fridge, before service, as it will settle, but it's refreshing and delicious during the summer time heat, and all pretty healthy, as you need no sugar in this thing.

And I'm thinking this would make GREAT watermelon popsicles as well!