Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Journey to Quebec

We took a road trip from Ontario to Quebec, and some highlights included: 

Stopping at The Big Apple in Cobourg. One simply cannot stop when there is a GIANT APPLE completely visible from the freeway! :) It was actually an apple orchard and pie making factory, so you can see apple pastries being made, and of course, the market sold apple everythings! 🍎 There was also putt-putt, a mini train for kids, a llama and goats and sheep to feed, and you could actually go inside the apple to learn about apple history before climbing to the open top! 

Another highlight was just staring at the beautiful scenery - Lake Ontario is not the biggest of the Great Lakes but it was still big to me, spanning many cities and townships, beautiful and calming to gaze upon! Seriously, I love the forests and the water and the land here! 

We made a stop in Kingston next. This was the original capital of Canada before Ottawa. We visited some older stone churches with stained glass windows, the marine area, the very regal City Hall fraught with Canadian history, and dined at an authentic German restaurant for sausages and schnitzel for lunch! Amadeus Cafe had a perfect little Bavarian biergarten in the back for us to eat at, filled with rustic wooden benches and surrounded by climbing vines and colorful flowers. 

I know, that's just a salad. But I loved the dressing - it was chunky, but light and refreshing and flavorful, so I'm reminding myself to make it! :) There was garlic, onion, paprika, red wine vinegar and oil. Sounds simple but I'll have to work at it to make it right! ^_^

Currywurst and Weisswurst above.

The Milaner Schnitzel was good - think chicken Milanese cutlet. I adored the potatoes! Soft yet flavorful! We also had the smoked salmon and dill crepe - good, but a little on the salty side. 

We drive by Gananoque, the quaint little town that is called the entrance to the Thousand Islands! Not the dressing, mind you, but literally, there are tons of little islands at the Saint Lawrence River! Some bigger, others smaller. Some have literally one small house built on it and that's it! We drove by the islands, marveling how tiny some of them were! 

When we arrived in the Quebec province, immediately, everything turned French! The land also, to me anyways, though beautiful still, was not as lush as I saw in Ontario. Even some of the traffic lights were flipped sideways, hehehe! 

Montreal is very city like. Bustling, busy, pedestrians and Cara everywhere, tight streets, alleyways and fire escapes along the side of buildings. Graffiti along with wall murals are sprayed alongside each other. 

Though beautiful, I don't think I'm a city girl at heart - I love big cities with their eclectic shops and boutiques, hipster feel, and vibrant around the clock liveliness but I would rather just visit for a while rather than live in a city, heheheh. 

Our hotel is in the middle of the Quartier de Spectacles, the Entertainment District, so it's full of people! We are also a few blocks from Le Quartier des Chinois - Chinatown. So we are close to all the excellent cheap and homestyle Cantonese food that we like! :) 

Cousins of cousins?

We visited with Shelton's cousin and his family in Markham the other day, and basically ate and played all day together, lol! Their girls are the same age as our girls, plus they have a little 2 year old boy, and the kids had so much fun together while the adults had our own fun together, hee hee. :) 

So how are the kids of your cousins related? Would they be second cousins? Cousins of cousins? Lol. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Springridge Farm

I love staying out here, where you're pretty much immersed in nature! Yes, there are bugs, but it's not that bad. Most of them are harmless. :) Sigh. I love Canada. If I had to move anywhere in the world, many of you know it'd be Canada. :) 

I've been to a few farms - not a lot, but enough to get the gist of how they are like. Springridge however, is absolutely beautiful! The skies are gorgeous here, wide and open and filled with fluffy cloud pillows, turkey vultures, red-winged blackbirds, 70 acres of green fields filled with crops of strawberries, raspberries, corn, honeybees for honey, and more! 

It's also a great spot to take little ones too - they have a Fun Farm area for only $5 CAD per person - it includes a wagon ride tour, petting zoo, some farm animals running around and others in their pens,  mini hay maze, bales of hay to climb, singing puppets, tractor dirt box, bumper tractor rides, and huge tunnels made into slides for children to slide down, and more play area for the kids. 

There's a look out point to see the whole Niagara Eacarpment, as well as a market that sells fresh fruits and veggies (the sugar snap peas were beautiful!), and their little cafe and bakery. We helped ourselves to the cafe for lunch (not bad food! I'd totally meet up with friends to catch a meal here and picnic on the benches at such a picturesque spot!), and took home their strawberry custard tarts, butter tart, some maple sugar shortbread cookies and puff pastry sausage, and blueberry blossom honey (OMG SO WONDERFUL) for later! 

I'll let some of pictures speak for itself. :)